EdmodoLogo.pngIn Class I like to use edmodo as a place for my students to submit homework and assignments, take quizzes at home, communicate with me and other students in a class - access content to help them with class.

- Click here to view how you can use edmodo to its fullest potential!

Group Code: Once you have gotten your group code from you teacher go to www.edmodo.com and click the I'm a student button under sign-up. Fill out all the information and then click sign up!

Parent Login: Your parents can have access to our edmodo classroom. You will need to provide them with the parent code that is displayed on your screen. Then they go to www.edmodo.com and click I'm a parent under sign up and fill in the information!
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Folders: Folders are where I put things that you can use. In here you will find useful websites, such as dictionaries, verb conjugators, project websites, rubrics, vocab help, links to our flash cards, etc., When you are in your class screen in Edmodo, click on the word Folders under your class name next to your name.
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Then click through the folders until you find the content that you want or need. It is all organized thematically for you!

There are apps for your smart phone available so that you can use edmodo on the go. Click here for the iOS version or click here for the Android version.

You can also use their mobile website without downloading any apps by going here: http://www.edmodo.com/m/

For how to turn in a google document on Edmodo read this that I put together to help you!