Here are some links to different games and practice exercises for concepts and things that you can work on at home! Please choose games and practice things that you need help with. Use the units below to find links that will help you practice things that we are doing in class.
Online German Dictionary

German Characters on a PC
Make sure num lock is on. Use the numbers on the number pad onthe right side of the keyboard.
ä alt + 0228 Ä alt + 0196
ö alt + 0246 Ö alt + 0214
ü alt + 0252 Ü alt + 0220
ß alt + 0223 € alt + 0128

Or use this awesome website - just click on the character you want and it automatically copies it to you clipboard, just paste it where you want it!

Modal Verbs

Chapter 7 Practice

Chapter 8 Practice

Chapter 9 Practice

Chapter 10 Practice

Chapter 11 Practice

Chapter 12 Practice

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