German 1

In German 1 the students begin to learn pronunciation, basic grammar and vocabulary. Students will be able by the end of the year to express how pronouns and verbs work and also communicate basic sentences.

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German Grammar Review
Welcome to German 1 at Palmerton High School.


Oral Grade: In this level of class the students are expected to begin using German in the classroom as much as they can. Students will be assessed weekly on their use of German in the classroom using oral rubrics that can be found here. The students at this level are not expected to use perfect German and mistakes can be made while they are speaking in German. These mistakes will not affect their oral grade for each week. If a student is absent when an oral assessment is given to the class it will not negatively affect their grade. They will not be eligible to make up this grade and not having this grade will not effect their final grade for the class.

Homework: Students are given homework throughout the semester to complete. This homework is a reinforcement of topics that have been taught in class. Students are given some time at the end of class to begin working on the homework so that if there are any questions on how to complete it, the teacher is available to answer questions. Students are encouraged to use the wikispace page for help with their homework or to email their teacher if there are things that they need help with.

Quizzes: Quizzes come at the end of each part of every chapter, there are 3 parts to every chapter. The quizzes come from the book and workbook exercises that the students have completed. Occasionally the quizzes will have listening portions, where the students will have to listen to native German speakers and answer questions on what they heard.

Alternative Assessments: Occasionally students will have the option of completing an alternative assessment in exchange for not taking a certain quiz of test. These assessments are worth the same amount of points as the quiz/test they are replacing. Some examples of types of these assessments may be essays, articles, videos.

Projects: Projects are given in German class to reinforce the social use of German within the classroom. These projects are also to bring a cultural aspect of Germany into the classroom.

Tests: Tests at the end of each chapter will either be offered in the form that comes from the textbook manufacturer or through alternative assessments occasionally. These tests vary in points and are used to show what the students knows about the structure/vocabulary/culture presented in each chapter.

Final Exam: The final exam will be comprehensive of all material covered through out German 2. This encompasses vocabulary and grammar that has been used throughout both German 1 and German 2.

Final and Quarter Grades: Final and quarterly grades that appear on the students report cards are a reflection of the students achievement on a variety of assessments throughout the class. These are based on the cumulation of points out of the total amount of points offered for the quarter/semester. Students and parents are encouraged to check Powerschool for their current grades in German class.

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Green Day's When September Ends to be used with the verb conjugation song we learned in class

Helpful Videos

This video will help you with pronunciation and understanding personal pronouns in German (I, you, he - she - it, we, you they; ich, du, er - sie - es, wir, ihr, sie - sie) More videos and exercises are available from the same woman at

This video shows how to pronounce and the conjugation, how a verb works in a sentence for the sentence to make sense, of the verb sein, to be in English. More videos and exercises are available from the same woman at

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