Those crazy German cases

What are they and how do they work!

In German, there are special rules of grammar depending on what part of the sentence you are working with. The different parts of the sentence are called “cases,” and they include things like nominative, accusative, and dative (with the more simple aliases as subjects, direct objects, and indirect objects). - Do you need to find out which case you need? -> Here is a German case machine! -> You can use this to help you determine which case you will need to review!

Nominative Case / der Nominativ

Accusative Case / der Akkusativ

What is the accusative case and how do we use it? Find out here!

Dative Case / der Dativ

What is the dative case and how do we use it? Find out here!

Genitive Case / der Genitiv

What is the genitive case and how do we use it? Find out here!

Adjective Endings / Adjektivendungen

What are the endings for adjectives in German? How do I use those charts??
-> Here is a German adjective ending machine - It will help you determine what the ending is!

Vergangenheit/Past tense

How to use sein, "to be" in the past tense
Partizip II - Perfekt - Present Perfect Tense How to


Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions


Usage of prepositions with examples and audio - tells which case they will be in
-> Here is a German preposition machine that can help you determine which to use and what ending would be needed on things!

Imperative - Command forms of German verbs

How to make the command form of German verbs when talking to one person, du, more than one person, ihr, or formally, Sie


Practice your pronunciation with tongue twisters - Zungenbrecher

How do you make those special German letters?

German Characters on a PC
Make sure num lock is on. Use the numbers on the number pad onthe right side of the keyboard.
ä alt + 0228 Ä alt + 0196
ö alt + 0246 Ö alt + 0214
ü alt + 0252 Ü alt + 0220
ß alt + 0223 € alt + 0128

Or use this awesome website - just click on the character you want and it automatically copies it to you clipboard, just paste it where you want it!